Does it track the sun?

Yes, the solar modular fan moves horizontally and vertically along with the sun’s position, even when it’s cloudy. This guarantees optimum alignment with the sun – an exact 90° angle – during the entire course of the day.

If you move, can you take the smartflower with you?

Yes, unlike conventional solar systems which are impractical to move, the smartflower is a self-contained unit with wiring, panels, inverter, tracking mechanism, and mounting all integrated into a single unit. Remove 4 bolts and one cable and it is ready to be moved!

Does it require a permit and an interconnection agreement with the Utility?

Yes. Your authorized smartflower installer will execute all permits and interconnection.

How many kWh does the smartflower produce in a day?

In Southern California, the average energy produced per day is about 15 kWh. We can calculate a more specific output number based on your exact location.

Is this cheaper than conventional solar?

No. Compared to conventional rooftop solar, the smartflower is not cheaper solar. The smartflower is however, the most attractive form of solar that is evangelizing the solar market. You are paying a small premium for a completely self contained solar system with cutting edge smart features such as sun tracking, self-cleaning, weather-adaption, passive ventilation and the ability to be portable in an elegant design.


Will strong wind blow the smartflower over?

No. At 34 mph, the smartflower petals will go to a flat position and at 39 mph the petals will close, all automatically.